9 Simple Things Smart Men Don’t Know About Their Penises

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Every guy wants to think that he is the expert when it comes to his penis. However, truth be told most men are unaware of some interesting penile facts. Most guys don’t walk around comparing their penises, so reading up on these facts can clear up a question or two.

Here are nine things you probably didn’t know about your penis.

1. The Definition of Average

average length for penisesAll men want to know how they stack up. Yet, most guys will not walk around comparing their penis to others, and understandably so. Thankfully, researchers have done the dirty work and determined the average length for penises within the United States. The average length of a penis in the U.S. is approximately three and a half inches when flaccid and five inches when erect.

Go ahead, grab a ruler and see how you compare. When asked about the topic, doctors admit that this is a common concern for most men. However, the doctors also admit that guys should not sweat it. According to most doctors, many men are average and have nothing to worry about. In fact, stressing over penis size can even hinder your performance.

Experts claim that the only area for concern is if your penis measures at less than one and a half inches when flaccid and three inches when erect. If this is the case, then seek the medical advice of your doctor. The case of a small penis is not the end of the world, regardless of how you may feel. There are plenty of male enhancement options for you to consider, so even if you aren’t measuring up to par, don’t panic.

Concern over penis size only stems from what men think women want. Now that you are more comfortable with the length of your penis, you should know what women exactly want from a penis. Here’s a hint. It’s not all about the length.

2. What She Wants From Your Penis

Ideally, every man wants his penis to make his partner squeal with delight. Now that you know length isn’t a big factor, are you dying to learn what is? In one recent study, women were asked to rate the sexual attractiveness of naked men with flaccid penises.

The results of this study proved that the penis What She Wants From Your Penisis not the primary concern. While women did admit that the larger penises, approximately three inches in length while flaccid, were attractive, there were many more qualities that proved significant. For example, most women ranked the man’s height and shoulder-to-hip-ratio to be more sexually attractive than his penis.

Ultimately, the men who scored lower than the rest were shorter with small penises. Perhaps if you are lacking in the height department, then you should consider some natural male enhancement options. Apparently size does matter, but not precisely as you assumed.

There is hope for your flaccid penis. Let us reveal the truth about “growers and show-ers.”

3. Wait and It Might Grow

A flaccid penis can often appear insufficient. As previously mentioned, the average flaccid penis should measure around three inches. If you feel like your penis is inadequate at this length, then this fact might cheer you up.

Most men with “growers,” or smaller flaccid penises tend to grow dramatically during erections. Contrastingly, men with “show-ers,” or large flaccid penises tend to display what they are working with, both when flaccid and erect.

The next time you catch yourself gawking at a large flaccid penis, just remind yourself that there is always room to grow.

4. You Might Have Curves in All the Right Places

Clearly the appearance of a man’s penis means everything to him. Size might not always be one of the factors that you worry about, though. Due to the penises’ long shape, there is often a slight curvature of the penis.

Many men panic and assume that this is abnormal. However, curvature of the penis is both harmless and common. Most men’s penises have a slight curve either to the right or left. While this is extremely normal, doctors do note that there is an exception.

surgeryIf your penis curves at more than a 15 degree angle off of the midline of the shaft, then this could be symptomatic of a larger issue. Particularly, Peyronie’s disease deals with the over curvature of the penis. Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease are said to live a life of low quality. Most of these men have emotional issues and relationship problems. The good news is that doctors can fix this anomaly through surgery and medication, but it is a long and bumpy road.

Slight curving is perfectly normal, but if you think your penis curves too much then consult your doctor about it. Chances are that you and your penis are perfectly healthy.

In addition to curving of the penis, there are also a few other abnormalities you should keep an eye on.

5. Lumps, Bumps, and Abnormalities

While a slight curvature is normal, any lumps or bumps are not.

If you notice any lumps or lesions on your penis, then you should bring them to your physician’s attention. It might be embarrassing, and it is more than likely nothing serious. However, you should never gamble with your penis health.

Typically, these bumps are due to skin conditions such as vitiligo and eczema. You may find itsurprising, but the skin on your penis is just as susceptible to skin conditions as the rest of your skin. Perhaps it can be acne or an ingrown hair, you know, if you shave down there.

6. You Can Break It

As excruciating as it sounds, your penis can get hurt. Even though the penis is not a made up of a bone, it is still physically possible to break it. It is rare, yet likely.

The penis must be erect in order for it to fracture. When a penis is erect, blood fills it and makes it engorged. If the penis were to bend suddenly or forcefully at this time, then this trauma causes the lining of one of the two cylinders within the penis to rupture. Once one of these cylinders ruptures, the penis suffers fracture.

Penis fractures, just as they sound, are incredibly painful. There will be a loud cracking noise, an immediate loss of the erection, and darkening or bruising at the site. Blood might be visible at the opening of the penis if the trauma occurred close to the tip.

In a recent study, researchers found that out of 16 men who having sexexperienced penile fractures, half of them were having extra marital affairs and 13 of them were having sex in an unusual place. Another study found that the most common reason for penile injury in adults was due to pants zippers. According to this study, nearly one fifth of all penis related injuries reported between 2002 and 2012 were due to zippers.

Even worse, doctors claim it is imperative that you tell the truth about your penis fracture. It might be tempting to lie and say that you caught your penis in your zipper. However, if the fracture occurred due to another set of teeth or during intercourse then your penis can now become susceptible to multiple forms of bacteria, infections and much worse.

Play it safe and keep your penis free of any trauma. If you believe you have fractured your penis, then a trip to the emergency room is necessary.

Ensuring that your penis remains healthy can entail your entire body’s health.

7. What Erectile Dysfunction Means

No one wants to hear that they suffer from erectile dysfunction. Generally speaking, erectile dysfunction is a sign of aging or inadequacy that no man wants to deal with. However, all men should realize that ED can also be symptomatic of a larger health issue.

It can be difficult to look past erectile dysfunction and see a larger issue, but that is what all men should do. Doctors claim that erectile dysfunction is a symptom of many different health conditions. In fact, almost all health conditions regarding the overall effectiveness of your body’s organs will affect your penis’ health.

diabetesFor example, if you are overweight or suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol issues, you will likely have difficulty achieving an erection. Also, most doctors will tell you that erectile dysfunction is one of the most common symptoms of cardiovascular issues. Since the penis functions on your body’s appropriate blood flow, any cardiovascular problems will cause the penis to lose its power.

Smoking can hinder your performance in bed, and even your penis size. Smoking can shorten the length of your penis by as much as a centimeter. While that might seem insignificant to you, remember the total length that you are working with. For you and your penis, every bit might count. Smoking causes blood vessels to calcify, which in turn thwartscirculation. Without circulation, you will likely lose the ability to achieve an erection. Not to mention, smoking is awful for your other organs, as well.

The best way to ensure that you and your penis remain healthy is to maintain overall health. Exercise, eat a proper diet, and keep unwanted pounds at bay.

8. Keep Your Penis Clean

Maintaining a clean penis requires a few different steps. First, there is that you always wash your penis. Soap and water will suffice, however you should be extra meticulous if you are uncircumcised.

In addition to literally cleaning your penis, you should also metaphorically stay clean, as well. This means frequent STD screenings, and always wearing protection. Remember that your penis always carries your partners with you, and your partner’s privates are the same. This creates an intricate web of sexual partners, so remember to stay protected and keep your penis healthy, too.

Enough with all of the intimidating things associated with your penis. Here’s some sexual performance information you are likely to find interesting.

9. Orgasmic Information About Your Penis

The average orgasm for a man lasts for sixorgasm seconds, while the average female orgasm lasts for 23 seconds. However, orgasms and ejaculation are not synonymous for men or women. Most people associate male orgasms with ejaculation, yet ejaculation typically occur seconds after men orgasm.

This means that the male inability to achieve multiple orgasms is not true. Most people assume that only women can achieve multiple orgasms, but this is not the case. It does require ample practice and patience, but men can reach multiple orgasms, too. This will not necessitate ejaculation, though.

If you are looking to achieve multiple orgasms, go for some tantric moves in the bedroom to help. Also, the refractory period, or time frame a man needs to recover before his next orgasm, can vary from one minute to one hour. In order to find yourself closer to the minute end of the spectrum, maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape.

Male enhancement does not require penis pumps, extenders or any contraptions. From maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to cleaning and keeping an eye on your penis, there are multitudes of different options for you to enhance your sexual prowess.

Start studying up on your penile health, and enjoy a happy and healthy life with your penis today.

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