The Ideal Way to Perform the Kegal Exercises for Men

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There are men who are not satisfied with their orgasm experiences. Normally, men want to have powerful orgasms with plenty of ejaculations, accompanied by rock hard penis. However, most men will start to lose their sexual satisfaction, leading to decrease in sexual efficiency and unsatisfied partners. This situation normally happens as a person ages and maturity progresses, but this can happen to young men too. Men who are suffering from penile dysfunction can take advantage from kegal exercises regardless of age.

Kegal Exercises for Men, Effective or Not?

You might be wondering what kind of exercises it is. Initially, you need to know where your pubococcygeal (PC) muscle is located and how to manage it. The PC muscle is located together with the pubic bone and coccyx. Once you are able to locate this muscle, start squeezing it and flexing it alone. You might want to squeeze it hard for 5 seconds and give it 5 seconds break in between breaks. It is ideal to start 5 sets of 5 repetitions per week.

Kegal Exercises for MenYou will discover that the initial sets and repetitions become easy after a week. You can start moving up to 7 seconds repetitions of 5 sets. Once you are comfortable at this routine, you can start doing 10 sets of 10 seconds repetitions. This will be your last and normal exercise routine.

Moreover, it is beneficial to modify the speed and intensity in a variety of sets when doing kegal exercises. When you become comfortable and skilful with Kegels, you can use them during sexual intercourse or during masturbating sessions. You can also perform Kegels throughout foreplay before sex, as well as before and during the duration of orgasms.

You need to spend a couple of minutes being totally relaxed prior to starting kegal exercises. You should concentrate all your energy to your PC muscle. You have to ensure that you do not flex any other muscle groups while doing these exercises. This is important to get maximum stimulation and impact. Thus, you have to make sure that you are tightening the PC muscle only.

You can search on the Internet for a visual display of the exact location of the PC muscle. You need to feel it several times while performing the exercises to ensure it is tightening. You need to sit in a comfortable place when performing Kegels to allow full flex of the PC muscle. You need to be immersed in these exercises and make it behavioural to perform them on a daily basis.

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